Commercial Grounds Maintenance in Maidstone, Sevenoaks and the South-East  
| The Importance of this Service for Your Business

Whether you have a small commercial premises in Maidstone, or a large office block in Sevenoaks, it’s essential to maintain a welcoming exterior. The same goes for public spaces or properties for sale. You won’t walk through a park that’s littered with rubbish or allow your children to play in a filthy playground. And poorly presented houses don’t entice potential buyers.

Serving all areas around the south-east, TCS Landscapes is a leading landscaping company. Our landscapers provide garden and patio design, lawn care and arboreal services for domestic clients.

We also offer a full commercial grounds maintenance service, for businesses, schools and property developments in the areas we cover.

Why is this service so important for your business in Maidstone, Sevenoaks or the surrounding localities?

For companies who have multiple visitors on a daily basis, it’s essential to look at the exterior of your commercial property through their eyes. If you were a potential client, would you be encouraged by the overall look of the premises?

The same goes for schools, colleges and property developments. From the moment we enter the carpark, we begin to form an opinion of any premises we’re visiting. And this continues throughout the time spent in attendance. As a principal, business owner or developer, you’ll want that opinion to remain positive at all times.

Public Safety

For any employer, it’s crucial to maintain a safe working environment for employees, along with anyone who visits the premises. As part of TCS Landscapes’ commercial grounds maintenance and lawn care services, we’ll ensure all public areas around your Sevenoaks premises are clear from potential hazards, such as wet leaves or loose paving. Our contract work guarantees regular upkeep of all external spaces.

Social Areas

Encouraging staff to socialise outdoors during breaks is good for their health, giving them a breather from the office environment, class room etc. Our landscapers can create patio-style areas, with a selection of paving options, as part of our garden patio and design services in Maidstone. By adding a range of seating options and plants, the area will become an inviting space in which to relax and unwind.

Pest Control

If rats or mice appear around your premises, the chances are they may make their way indoors as well. An infestation inside your property could shut the premises down, leading to a drastic effect on your business. We’ll ensure you won’t have any potential issues thanks to regular maintenance and the ability to deal with any pest problem immediately, should one arise.

To read the positive testimonials our landscapers and lawn care specialists have received in relation to our commercial grounds maintenance services in Maidstone and Sevenoaks, please visit the relevant page. TCS Landscapes also offers both garden and patio design facilities to domestic clients in the south-east.

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