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| Garden Tool Maintenance – Don’t Forget About It

Using the proper tools for any job is essential, regardless of what area you’re working in. For gardening, a compact lawnmower is no use for a large garden or commercial grounds. Maintenance will take far too much time if you don’t use the right equipment. For us, our tools are an essential part of our trade, so it’s important we take care of them. TCS Landscapes are lawn care specialists and professional landscapers. With over 50 years’ combined experience in the trade, we provide a range of services for our private and commercial clients including garden patio design and grounds maintenance.

The most important tip is to clean your gardening equipment after every use. It doesn’t take long and will definitely prolong the life of each item. If you leave muck and dirt to accumulate on spades and hoes, for instance, they won’t work as efficiently the next time. And that can lead to injury if you find yourself forcing them into the ground. Using warm water and a mild liquid soap, scrape off all excess muck with a dedicated hard-bristle brush. Leave hanging to dry naturally, or wipe with a cloth.

Once completed, spray the equipment with an antibacterial coating to remove any traces of disease or bacteria. By doing so, you’re preventing either from damaging other plants or shrubs the next time you begin your gardening routine at your Maidstone or Sevenoaks property.

Patio and garden design experts, TCS Landscapes’ professional landscapers are happy to offer some more ideas to keep in mind when caring for your gardening tools and equipment:

Our landscapers at TCS Landscapes also recommend having blades sharpened over the winter months to preserve them for future use.

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