Lawn Care in Maidstone
| Tips to Consider When Using a Landscaper to Cut Your Lawn

Are you guilty of running out to grab the lawnmower at the first sign of a dark cloud? Do you know how long your grass should be for it to remain healthy? Are you looking at your brand-new garden in Maidstone and can’t decide where to start? Having ‘inside’ landscaper knowledge isn’t necessary, and you don’t have to be put off by the idea of lawn care.

Through our support, TCS Landscapes will make sure you know your asters from your wisterias in no time. Our team of experienced landscapers will provide you with a garden design to suit your needs, whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a newbie. We can also incorporate a garden patio, or a paving installation, to highlight your lawn’s aesthetic. 

For business premises, public spaces and developments in the Maidstone area, we provide a commercial grounds maintenance service.

When and How Much to Cut?

Consider your hair routine. Regular trimming results in thicker, healthier strands and minimises damage. The same methods apply to lawn care. Consistent cutting improves the density of the grass, making it harder for weeds to grow and moss to accumulate. Ideally, you should keep your lawn trimmed to between 25mm (1”) and 50mm (2”). 

This is applicable to domestic garden maintenance, and to commercial grounds maintenance.

Our landscapers suggest following the one-third rule. Don’t trim any more than a third of the grass in one go. If you keep cutting without giving the grass time to recover, you could end up with the following problems:

To support our garden design and garden patio installation services in Maidstone, our landscapers can also lay new turf or, if you prefer, seed the existing terrain. Fresh lawn care isn’t difficult. Just bear in mind the blades require about a month to settle and grow after germination. Because they are only new sprouts, they won’t have had the time to acclimatise to their surroundings and become a little hardier. 

You’ll also damage your lawn if you walk across it too early. 

We recommend allowing the new blades of grass to grow approximately 25mm (1”) above the recommended height before cutting your lawn for the first time. 

For public areas, schools and developments, and as part of our commercial grounds maintenance services in Maidstone and the surrounding areas, TCS Landscapes always follows the one-third rule. By using this tried and tested method, our landscapers are confident that business owners, educational establishments and developers can have outdoor spaces created which customers, and the public, can enjoy all year round.

To achieve perfect lawn care, we advise the following:

For help with your garden design and maintenance needs, call the team at TCS Landscapes. We understand that the lawn is the centrepiece of your garden, and that it can only look resplendent with the correct levels of care and attention.

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