Garden Design in Sevenoaks
| Our Landscapers Help You Choose the Right Lawnmower

There are many points to consider when choosing the right lawnmower. When discussing your garden design and lawn care requirements, or when planning to lay a lawn around a garden patio or a driveway, our landscapers will advise you on which lawnmower to buy. For our commercial grounds maintenance services in Sevenoaks, we use industrial mowers and larger machinery. For homeowners, we suggest lawnmowers that will always provide a decent, reliable service.

Take the following lawn care points in consideration before purchasing your lawnmower:

Corded Electric Lawnmowers

These are the most popular lawnmowers for the standard-sized garden with boxes attached for instant collection. For more efficient lawn care, choose one that can cut right up to a garden patio, driveway, boundary or flower bed. 

With no need to refuel or charge, you can use corded electric lawnmowers without time restraints. 

Hover Mowers

Gliding over the lawn on a bed of air makes the hover mower a lighter option. They can be quite compact and easy to store. Not all come with collection boxes, however, so bear that in mind when considering your lawn care options. Hover mowers can move from side to side, ideal for Sevenoaks customers who need to cut their grass in a hurry. 

For older gardeners, or for those with disabilities, our landscapers advise purchasing lighter mowers for convenience. When choosing a corded lawnmower, make sure the length of the cable will reach the farthest part of your lawn. 

Battery Operated Cordless Lawnmowers

Easy to start, with all the convenience of a corded electric lawnmower, these can mow the lawn without the concern of cables getting in the way or tangled around garden patio furniture. Remember your lawn care time may be limited because the battery will require recharging. 

Battery operated lawnmowers can be quite heavy compared to corded electric ones so do bear that in mind.

Petrol Lawnmowers

Excellent for larger lawns or uneven ground in your Sevenoaks garden, petrol lawnmowers are powerful. Our landscapers use them if access is limited for ride-on mowers, and for smaller public areas as part of our commercial grounds maintenance service. Make sure you select a self-propelled model for convenience. 

Petrol mowers must be serviced annually so that will add to the overall cost. 

Ride-on Lawnmowers

Our landscapers use these for commercial grounds maintenance and larger lawn care jobs. You won’t need one unless your garden is substantial in size. They do need to be serviced annually as well. Various models can manoeuvre around obstacles easily, or mulch and release the grass following collection. By lifting the blades, ride-on mowers can travel across garden patios and driveways easily. 

Consider storage as part of your overall garden design when purchasing a ride-on lawnmower. You’ll need a shed or garage to store one. 

Robot Lawnmowers

They may be expensive, but the convenience is priceless! Advanced models can be operated by an app, will monitor the Sevenoaks weather for you, and can mulch the grass as they go. They can also cut the lawn to a pre-determined length. 

Initial programming can be a little complicated but our landscapers at TCS Landscapes can help you get started.

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